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Support Content

General Management Group

  • Cooperate with Committee on Promoting Collaboration in Life Sciences
  • Cooperate with other Platforms
  • Cooperate with other groups in the Platform for Supporting Cohort Study and Biospecimen Analysis
  • Organize publicity activities, open lecture for general public, and lectures for the youth

Group for supporting cohort study using bioresources Details

  • Support for providing bioresources based on the cohort study on the data of a general healthy group and its application.
  • Support for providing brain resources and its application.
  • Support for a mass biodata analysis.

Group for supporting research using biospecimen Details

  • Support for analyzing supersensitive molecular pathobiology system using biospecimen, constructing a network among relevant research institutions, and integrative omics analysis.
  • Support for analyzing data on integrative omics using biospecimen.
  • Support for collecting and providing human biospecimens (tissues and blood specimen) and its background information.
  • Support for providing bioresouces of hematologic malignancy.