2. Apply Support

Apply Support

Please read the following before filling the application form.

Application Conditions

Please read the following qualifications and descriptions in advance to fill in the application form.

  1. Applicant must have already adopted FY2017 KAKENHI (Grant-in-aid, MEXT, new or continued) upon application.
  2. Applicant’s request of support can be completed within the fiscal year.
  3. Applicant must agree to make the support result public.
    We will publish our support results: academic papers, books, presentations, patents, etc. to the public with the applicant’s name on as our platform’s support results.

How to Apply

  1. Examination Standards Selection will be made in consideration of variety, number, quality, impact, and possibility of creating the new research field due to the limited budget for the platform.
  2. Disclaimer
    Please understand that the applicant may not obtain the expected results or may have unexpected events in dealing with the results due to various causes. We set disclaimers for each group. Please refer to the disclaimers and send the written consent prior to the support.
  3. Co-authorship
    Depending on the support or technique, the academic paper could be co-authored. We set rules for each group. If accepted, please be lectured from the support-in-charge prior to the support, and if necessary, negotiate with the person in charge.
  4. Acknowledgement
    Please make sure to state as below in the academic paper to show the applicant’s research has been supported the applicant’s platform.
    This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number JP 16H06277.
  5. Obligation to report the applicant’s academic paper
    The applicant is obliged to submit the outcome report form in the end of the fiscal year if the applicant publishes academic papers with the support of our platform.
    Please send the report even if it takes a few years after the applicant have been supported by our platform.
    If the applicant has the qualification and agreed to the Application Conditions, please proceed to the application form

Apply Support

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